The 5G Security Test Bed (STB) is a collaborative endeavor between wireless providers, equipment manufacturers, cybersecurity experts, academia, and government agencies to demonstrate and validate how 5G security will work, using real 5G networks.

Created by CTIA and members of its Cybersecurity Working Group, which convenes the world’s leading telecom and tech companies to assess and address the present and future of cybersecurity, the 5G Security Test Bed:

  1. Delivers a collaborative, hands-on approach to security. The 5G Security Test Bed is a unique security initiative that brings stakeholders together and allows product developers to use real networks to test 5G security enhancements.
  2. Enhances 5G security and industry threat response. By testing security functionality in different scenarios, industry and government can identify, mitigate, and respond to evolving threats, protecting consumers, businesses, and government agencies.
  3. Contributes to government and industry research programs and priorities. Government agencies—including NIST, NCCoE, and the FCC’s CSRIC—can use the Test Bed to review and explore the security use cases they consider most critical to their evolving needs.


5G STB Testing Process

5G STB Founding Members