The 5G Security Test Bed is a unique collaborative endeavor between wireless providers, equipment manufacturers, cybersecurity experts, academia, and government agencies, created with a sole focus on testing and validating 5G security recommendations and use cases from government groups, wireless operators, and others. The Test Bed is the only initiative that uses commercial-grade network equipment and facilities to demonstrate and validate how 5G security standards recommendations will work in practical, real-world conditions.

The documents below, including 5G Security Test Bed press releases, information sheets, and webinars, describe the Test Bed, use cases, and membership from its 2022 launch to present.

For information on joining the Test Bed, please visit our Membership page.

Press Release: Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation Joins 5G Security Test Bed as Administrator

The 5G Security Test Bed today announced the Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation (VT-ARC) as the new Test Bed Administrator. Located in a secure lab facility on its campus in Arlington, Va., the Test Bed will leverage VT-ARC’s expertise in wireless security to test 5G security recommendations across real-world conditions using commercial-grade equipment and facilities.

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Press Release: CTIA Announces Expansion of 5G Security Test Bed with Addition of Syniverse

The 5G Security Test Bed has added Syniverse as its latest member. In partnership with the Test Bed, Syniverse will leverage more than three decades of experience and expertise in roaming signaling and interoperability with other trusted mobile network operators and vendors.

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5G Security Test Bed Webinar

During this informational webinar, founding members discussed the 5G Security Test Bed, its use cases, configuration, and membership opportunities.

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5G Security Test Bed Information Sheet

This information sheet summarizes the 5G Security Test Bed, its value, the way it works, its testing approach, its partners across industry, government, and academia, and how to become a member.

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Press Release: CTIA Launches 5G Security Test Bed for Commercial 5G Networks

This press release announces the launch of the 5G Security Test Bed and includes quotes from its founding members: AT&T, Ericsson, T-Mobile, UScellular, CTIA, MITRE, and the University of Maryland.

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